Eiffel tower Arrangements

Published: 16th November 2009
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Nowadays Eiffel tower Arrangements have become latest fads for decorating wedding venue, parties, family gatherings or decorating home. They make very beautiful centerpieces. Eiffel tower vases synchronized with beautiful ostrich feathers not only adds grace to the venue but also looks attractive. There are different types of vases like trumpet vases, Eiffel tower vases etc which can be used for centerpieces to give a different and elegant look.

Eiffel tower vases creates a very peaceful ambiance and lets your guests feel special. They are one feet to four feet tall. These vases are not only tall and slender but also create classy and extravagant style. They are made from high quality durable glass and do not tip over easily because they are heavy at bottom and that's why they are favorite with many florists .They comes in various sizes like 8inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 28 inch and 32 inches. Eiffel tower vases comes in different types of colors including black, Cobalt ,amethyst blue, white, frosted white, clear glass and other color vases can be get on special request.

We can make lavish Eiffel tower vases with ostrich feathers and appropriate flowers of our choice. Think of beautiful tall flowers they look good in these tall and slender Eiffel tower vases. These Eiffel tower arrangements are not only eye catchy but also look very stunning. They enhance the beauty of the venue and by following simple steps we can create floral arrangements with Eiffel tower vases.

• Most Important step is choosing the right kind of flowers. Choosing seasonal flowers can be safe option because these flowers can be get easily. But if you go for out of season flowers they it can give quiet luxurious feeling to guests.

• You can think of picking different flowers from red roses, white asters, lavender field's pansies, orchids and phlox. Combination of different flowers will look pretty.

• When choosing different flowers always keep in mind it will be better if you long thin flowers like calla lilies or long stemmed flowers like roses to match with the height of the vase.

• Use additional items or other kind of material so that vase looks taller and elegant. Ostrich feathers kept with flowers or ribbon tied in the middle of base or stick twigs on the side of the base make it looks more pretty.

These Eiffel tower arrangements looks spectacular when kept on the table and also if accented with some candles or floralytes which are special lights attached to frosted glass of the vase give a terrific and stunning look and thus attracts the attention of your guests .By being little bit more creative we can make beautiful Eiffel tower centerpieces and also can give palm tree effect by using long beautiful ostrich feathers . These Eiffel tower arrangements not only look beautiful but give a unique look and make the venue look more beautiful and let your guests wonder what a beautiful taste you have.

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